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Since 2014, FLOE Security has been providing security services throughout Alabama and now Georgia. All of our security guards at FLOE Security are licensed, bonded, insured, and certified. FLOE Security gets the job done the right way. We are a security team that you can trust and rely on no matter the event or circumstance. The team at FLOE Security is trained for many different events and types of security, including what to do in the event of an emergency, finding secure entryways and exits for any building or area, and more. Being present and keeping order is what we do. Our top priority is the safety of all of our clients and any event they hire us for.

Core Competencies

Floe Security of Alabama, LLC provides our clients with professional and courteous service.  Our goal is to meet their needs while ensuring the highest level of protection that would positively impact our clients and give them peace of mind.

Our Mission

To deliver a full suite of security services. Our duties are performed in a manner by, our presence is known yet not intrusive.

Core Values

  • Integrity: Taking the initiative to assess a need, generate a consistent plan, and provide a cost-effective solution for our client.
  • Knowledge: We are committed to continuous learning of laws, enforcing these laws to serve our clients to the highest capacity.
  • Credibility: Top priority for management, staff, and clients. It is earned and maintained by constant communication.


Accredidations & Registrations
NAICS code: 561612
D-U-N-S: 117629442

Armed & unarmed security

FLOE Security offers both armed and unarmed security for any event, person, or scenario in and around Lanett, Alabama. Whether you need security for a retail operation, overnight security, or security for any event, construction site, personal security, and more, we can provide you with any number of guards, either armed or unarmed.

Event Security Services

FLOE Security can provide as many security guards as you need for any event. Whether you need armed or unarmed guards, we are here to protect construction sites, retail operations, concerts, block parties, clubs, churches, and more. Our security guards are trained to identify plans in case of any emergency, find or create a secure entryway and exit points, and monitor any event at all times. We can provide overnight security as well if requested.

Uniformed Security Officers

FLOE Security provides uniformed security officers that are trained professionals. If you are looking for security services and people that are easily detectable, you will always know who is overseeing your security needs and who to go to for assistance.

Commercial Security

FLOE Security provides extensive commercial security and retail security. Whether you need a construction site monitored, items within a retail shop protected at all times of day and night, or entryways and exits patrolled, you can count on FLOE Security to allow you peace of mind.

Mobile Patrol Services

FLOE Security's mobile security services allow us to come to you. Whether you need security to be with you during travel, in the car, or at any place or event, we will come to you to protect and secure any places, events, or people that you need. We can patrol any area, neighborhood, building, item, person, and more while ensuring complete supervision and protection.

Personal Security/Bodyguard

FLOE Security can provide personal security or bodyguard services for any individual or group of people. No matter the event or time of day, we have both armed and unarmed security guards available to protect any individual or group of people should they be in any risk, danger, or harm.

Residential Security

FLOE Security offers residential security services for anyone in the surrounding Alabama and Georgia areas. We can patrol houses and neighborhoods, provide security technology recommendations and assistance, monitor security cameras, and anything else you may need to keep you, your family, and your friends feeling safe at all times of day or night.

** K-9 Security Coming Soon in 2021

Uniformed Security Officers (Armed & Unarmed)

Fire Safety & Prevention, Exits & Entryways

Licensed, Bonded, Insured & Certified

24/7 Security, Overnight Security, Emergency Security

Mobile Security Patrol

Current & Past Clients of FLOE Security

Fresenius Kidney Care (Langdale, AL)

Fresenius Kidney Care (Montgomery, AL)

Women on a Mission Social Club

Norbord Alabama Inc.

El Rodeo Authentic Mexican Restaraunt

R & B Sports Bar

Point University Country Club

Class of ’86 Alumni Association

Global Sports Bar & Grill

So Phi Block Party

DEAR, Inc.

Party Plug Promotion


What Clients Say About FLOE Security

The best crew that know what to do, great communication, looks out for each other to better service their clients and patrons, friendly and very professional.
Sean J.
5 Stars.
Great service and very professional! Nothing gets passed these guys! I highly recommend them!
Susie G.
5 Stars.
Best security I’ve every had. Very thorough & by the book. Also has great relationship with local law enforcement. I highly recommend this company.
Temeka R.
5 Stars.
Excellent services. Very professional. Also, they are very punctual. Maintains a high level of awareness and integrity. I will recommend FLOE Security for any event size, from 50 attendees to 5,000 attendees. They secured the So-Phi Block Party™ for us with excellence. Highly recommended!
Corey W.
5 Stars.

Frequently asked questions

The price of our security services depend on the length of the event, how many security guards you need, etc. Get in touch with us today and we will provide you with a free quote for your event.

Let us know where you need security. We  offer our services throughout the state of Alabama and in areas of Georgia.

We take care of everything for you. Let us know where, when, and what you need security for, and we take care of the planning.

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